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Liebherr Equipment sells both new and used machines that are of good quality. In the building, mining, and industry fields, Liebherr tools are useful because they are known to be reliable and work well. Liebherr has the right crane, digger, or loader for the job. In addition, they sell a variety of used devices that have been carefully checked out and kept to make sure they meet the highest standards. When you buy equipment from Liebherr, you know you’re getting new, useful, and long-lasting tools. Liebherr equipment is known for getting jobs done quickly and well. Select Liebherr for reliable machines of exceptional quality.

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Liebherr Machines by Category

Slurry wall grab

Wall thickness500 – 1,800 mm
Jaw opening width2,500 – 3,600 mm
Max. closing force at teeth594 kN

Duty cycle crawler crane

Max. lifting capacity130 t
Max. winch line pull2 x 350 kN
Max. main boom53.00 m

Piling rig (LRH series)

Max. pile length19.5 m
Max. pile weight8 t
Leader inclination0.04375
Vertical travel device4 m

Duty cycle crawler crane

Max. lifting capacity200 t
Engine power750 kW
Max. winch line pull2 x 350 kN
Max. main boom68.00 m

Fast-erecting crane on crawler track travel gear

The 42 KR.1 fast-erecting crane on a crawler undercarriage is ideal for use where fast changes of location and mobility on site are required.

Max. hook height28.00 m
Max. lifting capacity4,000 kg
Max. radius36.00 m
Lifting capacity at max. radius1,200 kg

Wheel loader

Tipping load8,300 – 12,500 kg
Bucket capacity2.60 – 9.50 m³
Operating weight18,550 – 20,600 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Liebherr Machines Do You Offer?

We sell many types of Liebherr tools to meet different needs. For every type of project, we have loaders, excavators, cranes, and other building equipment. For works requiring swift and thorough attention, we also have digging equipment and dump trucks. Our industrial machines, such as concrete mixers, ensure that industrial chores are done quickly and reliably.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Liebherr Machines?

There are lots of good reasons to pick Liebherr tools. Many people trust them and say they last a long time, so they will work well for a long time. Liebherr tools are also creative, with cutting-edge technology that makes them efficient and straightforward. Liebherr helps you find the suitable machine for your needs by providing many choices and excellent customer service.

How Can I Find A Suitable Liebherr Machine For My Needs?

It’s easy to find a suitable Liebherr machine for your needs. First, figure out your project needs, then look through Liebherr’s massive selection of tools. Talk to their knowledgeable sales team for help and suggestions from experts. You can also look at different types and specs on their website to ensure you pick the suitable machine.

Why Choose CT Parts for Your Liebherr Machines?

CT Parts is the best choice when you need parts for your Liebherr tools because it offers high-quality parts, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Its parts work well with your tools and are reliable. CT Parts is the best place to get the parts you need to keep your Liebherr machines in good shape because it has a large selection and reasonable prices.