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You can be confident that John Deere equipment will be of high quality and operate efficiently if you purchase or sell it. With regard to their durability and usefulness, John Deere machines are absolutely essential for laborers and farmers. The most modern technologies and features found in the most recent John Deere tractors improve their output. You could also buy used John Deere tools, which work just as well and cost less. Thorough checks and maintenance are done on these tools to ensure they work well. John Deere makes a lot of different kinds of machines, from tractors to combines, to meet various needs. When you buy a John Deere, you get machines that will last and help you do the job right every time.

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Hagie™ Self-Propelled Sprayer

1200-US gallon (4,543 L) tank
Up to 132-foot (40.23 m) boom
300 hp, 9.0 L engine
56.3 km/h transport speed

Solution system – Capacity4400 L
1200 gal.
Rinse tank capacity605 L
160 gal.
Boom length options/MaterialHybrid steel and aluminum: 18/27, 18/30, 18/36, or 21/40 m
60/90, 60/100, 60/120, or 70/132 ft


Engine HP1: 429 Max / 390 Rated
Fully integrated precision ag technology
e18™ PowerShift Transmission
Choice of three different cab and visibility packages

Engine descriptionJD14 (B20 diesel compatible)
Engine displacement13.6 L
827 cu in.
Rated engine power287 kW
390 hp


Net Peak Power: 52 kW (69 hp) at 2,100 rpm
Max. Standard Dipperstick Digging Depth: 4.16 m (13 ft. 8 in.)
Operating Weight: 6 308 kg (13,907 lb.)

Engine Model4TNV98CT
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)3.3 (203)
Rated Speed, rpm2100
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp)52 (69)

Compact Excavator

Net Power: 10.8 kW (14.5 hp)
Max. Digging Depth: 2.19 m (7 ft. 2 in.)
Operating Weight: 1720 kg (3,790 lb.)

Number Of Cylinders3
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)0.99 (61)
Rated Speed, rpm2400
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp)10.8 (14.5)


Net Power: 168 kW (225 hp) at 1,700 rpm
Operating Weight: 21 581–23 299 kg (47,578–51,365 lb.)
Track on Ground: 3300 mm (130 in.)

Engine ModelPowerTech PSS 6090
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)9 (549)
Rated Speed, rpm1700
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp)168 (225)

4.5L Industrial Diesel Engine

PowerTech™ E
86 – 104 kW (115 – 139 hp)

Number of cylinders4
Displacement– L (cu in)4.5 (275)
Bore and Stroke– mm (in)106 x 127 (4.17 x 5.00)

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of John Deere machines do you offer?

We have many John Deere tools to choose from so everyone can find what they need. We have tools for every job, from trucks for farming to harvesters for picking crops. We stock sprayers, gardening tools, utility vehicles, and lawn care equipment, so we can ensure you get a suitable machine.

What are the benefits of choosing John Deere machines?

There are many reasons to choose John Deere machines. You get reliable performance, longevity, and efficiency, ensuring your work goes smoothly. With cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use designs, John Deere tools make work easier and get more done. You can count on John Deere to make good tools that do the job right.

How can I find a suitable John Deere machine for my needs?

Locating an appropriate John Deere machine for your requirements is effortless. By presenting our collection, our accommodating staff can assist you in identifying the item you require. We will assist you in identifying the appropriate tractor, mower, or utility vehicle to complete the task efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose CT Parts for Your John Deere Machines?

If you choose CT Parts, you will receive the highest-quality replacements and fixes for your John Deere machines. CT Parts sells original John Deere parts that are known for being reliable and expert. These parts are guaranteed to work well and last a long time. You can depend on their knowledgeable staff and extensive selection to keep your tools running smoothly and efficiently.