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People know they can trust JCB Manufacture to sell high-quality new and used JCB tools. They have many types of equipment that can be used for building projects. JCB Manufacture ensures that high quality and performance standards are met whether you need a solid used machine or the newest model. They make tools that will last, which makes them a good choice for any job. JCB Manufacture stands out in the market because they care about their customers. They have outstanding products, and their customer service and support are as first-rate. Purchasing from JCB Manufacture entitles you to robust, long-lasting tools capable of handling demanding tasks.

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JCB Machines by Category

Tracked Excavators

Operating Weight42,957 lbs
Engine Power130 ph
Bucket Capacity1.29 yd³

940 Rough Terrain Forklifts

Max. Engine Power109 hp
Max. Reach25 ‘ 10 “
Travel Speed28.4 mph
Operating Weight18,926 lbs – 19,577 lbs

Super Backhoe Loader

Max. Lift Height22 ‘ 5 “
Max. Lift Capacity8,000 lb
Max. Engine Power74 hp

19C-1 Mini Excavator

Operating Weight4,211 lbs
Max Dig Depth8 ‘ 5 “
Max Dump HeightMax Dump Height8 ‘ 7 “

Telescopic Wheel Loader

The TM220 is a highly productive telescopic wheel loader with compact dimensions, performance, versatility and JCB’s iconic telescopic boom for great lift height.It’s fitted with a 74hp (55 kW) engine that produces 221 ft-lb (300 Nm) of torque, powering a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission with a max. lift height of 15ft (4.6 m).

Max Lift Capacity4,850 lbs
Max Lift Height15 ‘ 1 “
Lift Capacity at Full Reach4,410 lbs


Power SourceLPG
Max. Lift Height13 ‘ 1 “
Max Lift Capacity6,600 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of JCB machines do you offer?

Among our several JCB vehicles are loaders, telehandlers, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, small compressors. Excavators dig; loaders move; telehandlers hoist; compactors level surfaces. These machines work well and reliably to meet different building needs.

What are the benefits of choosing JCB machines?

When you buy JCB machines, you should know that they are durable, work well, and have the most up-to-date technology. People know they can depend on them to get tough jobs done quickly. Support and service for JCB machines are also excellent, so your equipment will stay in good shape for longer.

How can I find a suitable JCB machine that fits my needs?

To find a suitable JCB machine for your job, you should first write down what it needs. Consider things like the budget, the type of work, and the room you have. Talk to JCB experts, review the machine’s specs, and read reviews from other customers. You can also get more information by going to a JCB store.

Why Choose CT Parts for Your JCB Machines?

If you need parts for your JCB machines, CT Parts has high-quality, trusted parts to ensure your machines work well. CT Parts has excellent customer service and a large selection of parts to keep your JCB machines in great shape. This will ensure that all your projects run smoothly and last a long time.